Regulations on Maintenance of Bamboo Rubber Stacks
2019-01-16 12:19
The product should be placed in an unventilated, cool, humid place of 60%-80%. It is strictly forbidden to place it in sunlight and dry and ventilated place.
After the product arrives at the production and use site, each stack of products should be stacked at 30 stories, and the bottom should be leveled with flat mattress to ensure smooth stacking.
In the production and use of products, should inspect the tightness of stack plate nuts irregularly, and timely adjustments, can not be used in time products, to ensure that each product is coated with a layer of anticorrosive oil (85% oil and 15% diesel oil mixed oil or filtered waste oil and hydraulic oil can), in order to prevent unnecessary damage caused by long-term volatilization of oil.
Plastic cloth should be tightly bundled for products with good yardage.
When the stacked products are not in use, they should be guaranteed to separate the plate and the leg. Generally, the stack is turned once in half a year (this bar only has the leg stack).
In production, according to the specific use of the stack board, the overall maintenance treatment is done from time to time. According to the use of production, it is generally in 3-6 months. If there is no oil brushing device, the equipment must be guaranteed to brush once every 5 days. If natural maintenance is used, the time of each brushing can be extended to 3 months.
In the use of steam maintenance, to ensure that there is no residual products in the equipment stack board every day, the product should be stacked, stack board into the kiln door sealed for preservation, kiln temperature control below 75 degrees Celsius.
Stacks that can not be used in time for more than a week should ensure that there is no product stacking on the stack, and inject a certain amount of steam into the kiln to ensure constant humidity and temperature, to prevent the cracking of the stack due to long-term instability of humidity.

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