Introduction of PVC stack board
2019-01-16 12:20
Material: The main material is PVC, calcium powder and other chemical raw materials.
Process: PVC and calcium powder are blended and stirred evenly, and granulated by granulator. The raw materials of granulation are put into extruder and extruded. The thickness of product is pressed by setting thickness rolling machine. Finally, the length and width of product are cut.
Advantages: flat surface, no cracks, no water absorption, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, good integrity, high surface finish, thickness, smoothness, deformation between 25-50 degrees is not large, not affected by humidity.
Disadvantage: With the temperature change obviously, brittleness of products below 25 degrees increases, flexibility above 50 degrees increases and softens, which is not suitable for steam curing and has a relatively large proportion of about 1.75.
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