Introduction of wooden trestle board
2019-01-16 12:27
Material: The basic materials are Larch, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, Pinus tabulaeformis, American Citi Pine, Pinus radiata, etc.
Hard miscellaneous wood has good bearing capacity, high flexural strength, small deformation of soft miscellaneous wood and poor wear resistance.
Technology: material drying treatment (reduce deformation), oil immersion (protect wood surface), C type iron imprisonment (connect each piece of material).
Advantages: steam maintenance, temperature change has little effect on the stack plate, forming noise is small, service life is long and so on.
Disadvantages: High cost, unstable humidity on site causes cracking, large deformation, multi-plate splicing, poor load-bearing and impact resistance, frequent maintenance. We must master the correct maintenance and use methods, otherwise, it will reduce the increase of waste rate and affect product quality.
1. Product model: RT-9
2. Product Specification: 1350 x 700 x 45 (mm)
3. Material: Larix gmelinii [using Larix gmelinii, a perennial primitive forest in Daxing'an Mountains, can guarantee the overall strength and surface wear resistance of the stack board for a long time].
4.C type iron: 2mm thick steel plate
5. For the pull screw: 10 round steel, three tension/plates are used [to ensure the stability of the whole structure without deformation].
6. Product tolerance: length dimension tolerance (+1 mm); width dimension 0-2 mm; thickness tolerance (+0.5 mm); angle (<3 mm).
7. Oil immersion treatment: The stack plate is strictly treated by oil immersion before leaving the factory.
8. Structure: Each board is connected by concave and convex grooves, combined with the pull screw, so that the stack board can be applied to the requirements of high-intensity vibration equipment.

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