RT-QDV-10 Tipper
2019-03-08 12:09
一、 the main features of the molding machine
     RT-QDV-10 inverted concrete (large) block forming machine is a new type of molding equipment independently developed by the company based on China's national conditions, summing up the practical experience in production and use, and at the same time drawing on the advantages of the same type of machines at home and abroad. It is especially suitable for the production of various large-sized concrete products and blocks with industrial wastes such as fly ash and slag. The biggest feature is to make polystyrene board heat-insulated concrete composite block. At the same time, after replacing the mold, It can form large and medium-sized roadside stone products and slope protection blocks, hydraulic blocks, retaining wall blocks and other varieties of concrete products.
     The machine adopts electromechanical integration, adopts manual operation, safe and reliable work, and flexible operation. When producing large concrete products, such as roadside stones and pavement bricks, secondary feeding (base material and fabric) can be used. Continuous vibration, multiple feeding, vertical vibration of the upper and lower molds, while the upper mold can be rolled and compacted, so that the product has high compactness and accurate dimensions. Due to the use of flip-type demolding, it is possible to form products that are difficult to produce in various conventional molding equipment. Therefore, the concrete products produced by the machine have a wider application range. The machine has the advantages of large excitation force, fast forming speed, simple operation, convenient use and reliable operation. It is an ideal new model for producing large and multi-variety concrete products.

二、the main technical parameters of the molding machine
1, the largest molding size: 1100 × 900mm
2, the maximum possible height of molding: 300mm
3, the maximum weight of each molded product: 300kg
4, the maximum size of the template used: 1100 × 1000 × 30mm
5, the volume of the silo: 0.86m3
6, the use of power capacity: 19.75Kw
(1) Flip motor: Reducer type BWD12-87-3;
    Motor model: Y100L2-4 (B5); power: 3Kw;
(2) Hydraulic station motor: oil pump CB32 left-handed;
      Motor model: Y132S-4 (B5); power: 5.5Kw;
(3) Vibration motor model: Y90L-2; power: 2.2Kw × 4;
(4) Model vibration motor model: ZW-5; Power: 1.1Kw;
 (5) Chain conveyor model: BWY09-59-0.55; Y801-4; Power: 0.55Kw;
7, the number of molding blocks: thermal insulation and sound insulation bricks (390 × 240 × 190): 8
    Roadside stone brick (1000×800×280): 1 block
8, molding cycle: 50-180 seconds / time
9, design production capacity:
    Porous thermal insulation sound insulation brick (390×240×240): ~60 seconds/time; ~3000 blocks/shift;
    Along the stone bricks (1000×800×300): ~100 seconds/time; ~250 blocks/shift;
10, the maximum vibration frequency: 4500 times / min (adjustable)
11, exciting force: 72-88KN (adjustable)
12, the oil cylinder:
   (1) Upper mold cylinder: cylinder diameter Φ50mm; rod diameter Φ32mm; stroke 450mm; 1 piece;
   (2) Pressure plate cylinder: cylinder diameter Φ50mm; rod diameter Φ32mm; stroke 450mm; 2 pieces;
   (3) demoulding cylinder: cylinder diameter Φ40mm; rod diameter Φ22mm; stroke 40mm (single acting); 2 pieces;
   (4) Feeding conveyor forward and backward cylinder: cylinder diameter Φ50mm; rod diameter Φ32mm; stroke 750mm; 1 piece;
13. The rated pressure of the hydraulic system: 6.3MPa;
14. Pallet specification: 1080×850×30mm (bamboo rubber board), about 40 pieces;
15, the weight of the whole machine: 8T;
16. Overall dimensions of the machine; 3250×2220×2300mm;

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